It’s kind of a lousy time to be a Pirates fan. Having just dropped a series to the Mets, the Pirates are now 3-7 in their last 10. The only bright spot to point to recently was the absolute gem pitched by Jameson Taillon on Tuesday. The hitting has been lousy. The pitching has been worse. These are the worst of times.

Will it get better?  The optimist in me wants desperately to say yes, but I am capable of reading the upcoming schedule. We have a 3 game series with the Cubs up next, and will be facing Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester in the first two games of that series. Not exactly the perfect scenario for turning things around. But I do still have hope for the season to get better.

Be sure to listen to the latest episode of Bucco Talk, here, for our preview of the upcoming Cubs series. And for those of you that wish not to deal with the depressing Pirates stretch, you can cheer yourself up with the Pens Initiative wrap-up of the Stanley Cup season.

We will have a brand new Bucco Talk this Sunday night and hopefully we will have some good stuff to talk about.